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In August 2016, he became the first cyclist to complete a solo, non-stop, 1 000km attempt through the French Alps in less than 47 hours while raising over R1.2m for charity.

Yet, only 3 years ago he died in a harrowing cycling accident in the Italian Alps, shattering his body against a rock embankment at over 60kms an hour. He was told cycling again would be impossible.

Astonishingly, within one year and six surgeries later, he returned to the Alps and finished the 140km alpine race that nearly claimed his life. This was his first Im’possible Tour.

How did he go from death and no less than seven surgeries, to conquering the Alps and breaking records in such a short period of time?

This is the astonishing story of miracle cyclist, Laureus Sport for Good Ambassador and international speaker, Grant Lottering, who through hope, courage and perseverance, overcame the impossible, and continues to inspire thousands all over the world as a motivational and inspirational speaker and ultra-endurance cyclist.

Recent Talks

Daimler Leadership Conference, Singapore – 1 Nov 2017
PSG Client Conference Windhoek, Namibia – 5 Nov 2017
DSV – Ldies Business Breakfast 16 Nov 2017
Beachcomber Tours – 15 August 2017
JP Morgan Africa Leadership Conf – 26 July 2017
Danone UK/Europe – 14 April 2017


“We could hear a pin drop, and no-one were on their mobile phones. Absolutely fantastic” CEO – Daimler FS Asia/Pacific

“Your message was real. We were inspired, encouraged and amazed” – Beachcomber Tours September 2017

“You gave us a new perspective on overcoming challenges” – PSG National Conference May 2017

“The Tiger Team were mesmerized, your message was powerful and meaningful with real authenticity and purpose” Tiger Brands Executive

‘You are a remarkable person and your contribution really helped us to see our own abilities and the goals we set ourselves in a totally different light!” – Martin Reinecke Vice – President ASML Eindhoven, Netherlands

“Truly inspiring, incredible what we can accomplish if we believe” – Jean de Villiers Springbok Rugby Captain

“Incredible, an amazing and inspirational story” – SA Rugby

“An outstanding speaker and story. Just awe-inspiring” – World Presidents Organisation

“Incredible what we can accomplish when we set goals, have the right team, and believe”-  Barclays

‘Grant’s story of recovery, determination and success is quite remarkable. He was a great inspiration to our members who were riding the Cape Town Cycle Tour the following morning. Highly recommended and we look forward to following Grant’s progress!’ YPO/WPO Cape Town


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The story ‘From death to the top of the Alps’ in 3 minutes, heard by corporate and conference audiences in South Africa, UK, Holland, Germany, France, Belgium, Zambia, Namibia and Singapore, and seen by over 17 million people in the media. Let it inspire you to overcome and get back in the game, no matter how many times you get knocked down.

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Are your employees 100% committed to the new challenges for 2018? If your business has aggressive growth plans or needs to reinvent, your people’s thinking needs to change. In 4 years Grant’s life went from death to completely reinventing himself, breaking records, achieving the impossible and turning tragedy into a multi million international fundraising project. Book Grant today to inspire your teams to change the way they think about themselves and your business through his remarkable and real-life story.

To book Grant for your next event use the ‘Book Grant’ tab above

August 2016 – Im’possible Tour III in aid of Laureus Sport for Good Foundation.

Success! On 3 August 2016 Grant became the first South African to ride 962 km in 46 hrs 17 min from Cannes to Les Saisies, over 20 mountains in the French Alps, climbing a total 19,410m. Over R1,2m was raised during his attempt.


From death to the top of the alps in one year

A personal and intimate interview with Grant Lottering

“When life takes a turn for the worse, you have a decision to make -
do something with it or it will do something with you”
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Upcoming Talks

  • Daimler Asia Pacific-Africa Conference Singapore – 1 Nov 2017
  • Air Mauritius Annual Travel Awards – 22 Feb 2018
  • PSG Bloemfontein Business Breakfast – 27 February 2018