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Ultra-Endurance Cyclist and Laureus Sport for Good Ambassador, Grant Lottering’s remarkable comeback from death on 21 July 2013 to conquering the Alps, continues to astonish the medical profession and audiences alike.

In August 2016, Grant became the first cyclist to complete a solo, non-stop,  1 000km ride through the French Alps in under 50 hours.
On 1 September 2018 he undertook his 5th Im’possible Tour in aid of Laureus, cycling the length of the French Pyrenees and Alps non-stop in less than 72 hours, another world first. He covered 23 mountains and climbed a vertical height of 21,484m, while only sleeping for 3 hours and 40 minutes during his attempt. Described as astonishing and remarkable, he succeeded in spite undergoing 2 shoulder surgeries as recent as February 2018.

What makes his accomplishments so remarkable, is that he has undergone 10 surgeries 2013 – 2018 as a result of his accident. In addition he had to overcome emergency cancer surgery late in 2016. His remarkable story of survival and overcoming has attracted much media attention, locally and world-wide, reaching over 20 million people through broadcast, print and online media.

He has shared his story ’From Death to the Top of the Alps‘ with audiences in over 11 countries around the world. Inspiring audiences to change the way they think about themselves, persevering in the face of challenges and being mentally strong to achieve levels of success never thought possible.
Grant Lottering has overcome incredible odds, refusing to give up, and continues to do what most believe to be impossible.

Recent Talks

PWC, Eindhoven, Netherlands – 12 Dec 2018
ASML, Eindhoven, Netherlands – 13 Dec 2018
JHB Country Club Business Breakfast, 26 Jan 2019
Infosys Finacle Global Leadership Summit, Antwerp Belgium, 3 October 2018
YPO Johannesburg Chapter 2 June 2018
PSG Bloemfontein 27 February 2018
Air Mauritius Travel Awards – 22 Feb 2018
Daimler Leadership Conference, Singapore – 1 Nov 2017
PSG Client Conference Windhoek, Namibia – 5 Nov 2017
Danone UK/Europe – 14 April 2017


“Truly inspiring, incredible what we can accomplish if we believe” – Jean de Villiers Springbok Rugby Captain

“We were blown away by your positivity and lust for life. You are an incredible individual and we thanK you for an amazingly inspirational talk” – Air Mauritius Travel Awards

“We could hear a pin drop, and no-one were on their mobile phones. Absolutely fantastic” CEO Daimler FS Asia/Pacific – Singapore

“Your message was real. We were inspired, encouraged and amazed” – Beachcomber Tours

“You gave us a new perspective on overcoming challenges” – PSG National Conference

“The Tiger Team were mesmerized, your message was powerful and meaningful with real authenticity and purpose” Tiger Brands Executive

‘You are a remarkable person and your contribution really helped us to see our own abilities and the goals we set ourselves in a totally different light!”  Vice – President ASML Eindhoven, Netherlands

What an incredible story of courage and hope. Grant is one of the best motivational speakers we have heard. He tells his story with such humility and is a great role model to young and old alike – Business Owners Breakfast – JHB

“Incredible, an amazing and inspirational story” – SA Rugby

“An outstanding speaker and story. Just awe-inspiring” – World Presidents Organisation

If your business has aggressive growth plans, needs to reinvent, or your employees need inspiration for the remainder of the year, their thinking needs to change. In 4 years Grant’s life went from death to completely reinventing himself, breaking records, achieving the impossible and turning tragedy into a multi million international fundraising project. Book Grant today to inspire your teams to change the way they think about themselves and their contribution to your business through his remarkable and real-life story.

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On 23 May, Lottering will attempt to ride 1 340km from Patensie in the Eastern Cape to Paarl, over 17 mountains, – a vertical height gain of 16,400m – in a single non-stop ride.  Of the 1 340km, 890km will be off road and on gravel, the rest on tar roads. He aims to finish this unforgiving journey in aid of The Laureus Sport for Good Foundation South Africa in under 96 hours, making it the most extreme solo fundraising ride ever undertaken in South Africa

The story ‘From death to the top of the Alps’ Let it inspire you and your employees to stay in the game, no matter how many times you get knocked down.

From death to the top of the alps in one year

A personal and intimate interview with Grant Lottering

Smashing the Pyrenees & Alps in one solo non-stop ride

“When life takes a turn for the worse, you have a decision to make -
do something with it or it will do something with you”
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Upcoming Talks

  • ASML, Netherlands – 13 Dec 2018
  • PWC Eindhoven, Netherlands – 12 December 2018
  • Super Onnie Symposium, Gauteng – 2 Aug 2019
  • UK Cigna Insurance Conference, Cape Town -17 Nov 2019
  • Bryanston Bible Church, Men’s Conference – 30 May 2019